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The tricks to Thai Lottery winning is today not an alien term, because of the repeated single and double digits in the winning lotto numbers, many experts have understood the trend and can very accurately comment on double digits. If a normal user keep following the trend, these numbers can be understood by anyone and not just experts. We will help you all through this process to become an expert yourself. We will source best tips from sources like Thai Lottery Magazines that give the generic trends. Thai Lottery VIP Tips can make you understand the numbers repeated patterns and Lottery Tips for 2017 are too advanced to guess you the closest number also. Thai Lottery 121 is another magazine which gives some great tips for the numbers in accordance with the experts views and calculations.

Thai Lottery has been almost a tradition in Thailand, but needless to mention, than the lives a lottery makes, it destroys more. It’s been in the country for hundreds of years and has always been a major source of revenue for the government . More than 75 Billion Bhat were invested in the National Thai Lottery in the year 2014. This is one of the major reasons why government of Thailand themselves promotes Thai-lotto. It in-fact is managed by Thailand’s government and there is a government department that takes care of the regulations for Thailand Lottery. Lotteries are also printed by this department and then sold to end buyers through re-sellers. Thailand government retains 28% of the lottery sales money for the country profits and invests into country development.

Below are the most famous games:

  • Thai Lottery 4PC
  • Thai Lottery 3UP
  • Thai Lottery 121
  • Thai Lottery VIP
  • Thai Lottery 121
  • Thai Lottery Magic Flip
  • Thai Lottery Master

Thailand lotto 4pc first paper came on February 01, 2017. It is yearly paper for 2017 year. Winning a lottery by your skills was as old story, now the only ways to win is by your shear luck. Many Thai lotto masters try to calculate the pattern in the occurrence in the numbers, however organizers today are very smart and takes special care of staying off from any unintentional pattern on the ticket winners. Single numbers occurrence gets very near to sure numbers and indicates a very high chance of winning. We regularly publish experts analysis for the number predictions and calculations, check back our other pages for more info on them.

Thai Lotto Magic tips are something that all the players watch for. These tips are on a magical sure hit number pattern which reduces a non-hit number chances and brings a player closer to the sure winning number.

Thai Lottery results are declared in the newspaper for special lottery. People around Thailand and nearby countries await for this newspaper which decides their fate. With a very little possibility of winning the game people consistently buy with the best of the clue charts they can get hold of,  thinking that they would win the Thai lotto draw today. For the ones who see that lucky day of winning life completely changes but for the rest life goes on and wait for the next draw awaits.  Thai lotto Magic flip is another game which has more possibilities of winning over any other game. Lottery winners are more numbers for these kind of games, the best formula for the regular players is playing this one.


Thai Lottery result for April 01, 2017.

Result for Thai Lottery April 01, 2017 has been released and the numbers are a bit off this time from the calculations that experts had provided through various VIP magazines or lottery 1st, 2nd or Last papers.


Thai Lottery Result 01 April, 2017


Lottery result for March 16, 2017.

Thai Lottery results for March 16, 2017 are out and are very close to the formulae we discussed with our followers before. Results per the Thai Lottery 121 trick also are very much in sync with the numbers we told before. Many other number patterns are to be studied before you buy the right numbers. We will try to help you always to help you best choose your Thai Lottery 121 numbers.


Thai Lottery Results March 16, 2017Thai Lottery Results March 16, 2017Thai Lottery Results March 16, 2017 Thai Lottery Results March 16, 2017 Thai Lottery Results March 16, 2017

Enthusiasts from the world places like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia invest on this lottery system as they consider this to be one of the fair games out there. Also another reason is there are not many countries in Asia that have such an organized lottery system, so Thailand lottery gets more international exposure.

It was a crisis in Thailand in the year 1832 when the women were not paid for the work. Government then started a lucky draw system to compensate. Around the same time, Chinese had crafted a sophisticated lottery system. This was the origin of lottery in Thailand. Initially, lottery was only for the more leaned Chinese of the society but then after the government taking it over, it reached the masses. Almost, 1 of every 3 Thai’s play the lotteries like Thai Lottery 3Up, Thai Lottery Down and Magazine.

Usually, whenever we see a grand price Thai lottery result in newspaper or on web, we wish how good it would be, if we were a Thai lottery winner? Well, on the next moment we drop our thought even going for a lottery.

Most of us at least once actually plan for playing a lottery. And, try to investigate the Thai lottery tips and cheats. But, honestly there’s not much available on the Internet that can help. Lottery is totally based on luck. We at thailotteryland.com too, recommend not playing lottery. Lottery sole works on luck and odds. If you are feeling luck, then per your decision you may try lottery but shouldn’t make a habit. Below are few of the facts and Thai lottery tips, which may or mayn’t work depending upon your luck:

  • Mathematics has clearly shown, even if you buy multiple lottery tickets in one go and in one slot, then also there won’t be a significant difference to your winning. And you must know, the only person who actually gets benefit from Lottery is the organizer
  • Always check for the previous result for example, if 9 is the winner number for the past month Thai lottery, then seeing 9 again as winner number in next lottery draw winner is zero. Yes, zero! So you may have a look at previous result
  • You think, you have a lucky number with you? Many of us believe that the number comes in our date of birth, or any of our lucky number can win you a lottery? We would not want to disappoint you, but believe us, these numbers do not have any magic, and even more so can not guarantee you win the Thai lottery. So, going random isn’t bad
  • Is there any real mathematic calculation? No, sorry. There’re no specific numbers or probability that can make you win Thailand lottery, only thing that will work is your luck. Let the odds be in your favour

Above were the few tips that you may consider while going for Thai lottery. You may subscribe for more interesting updates and regular Thailand lottery results right into your mailbox.

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